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ORA New Zealand changes children’s lives. We emphasise that our help is not prompted by pity. It is the desire for justice that motivates us. Impoverished children and their families deserve justice so that they can have a genuine chance at a life worth living. As a Christian development and relief organisation ORA has been advocating the cause of justice for over 30 years. In more than 14 countries worldwide, numerous people of various heritages and cultures have united to form the ORA International Network to promote justice on behalf of the world’s poorest children!

The Child at the Centre

The power to change the future of our world lies in the small hands of children. All children need love, protection and the chance to grow up. We resolutely believe that children are very dear to the heart of God. We serve children within their families and communities because these are the most influential elements in their environment. Through a good education, appropriate nutrition and access to health care, we help to shape this environment as well. In doing so, we bring lasting change and new hope to the lives of children. 

Social Business

Changing children’s lives is the focus of our work, but this alone is not enough. Children’s families need ideas and resources in order to generate their own income and to become self-sufficient. In our project countries we are launching small and medium-sized companies which provide families the opportunity to create their own livelihoods. Unlike ordinary business ventures, profit maximisation is not the ultimate goal. Rather our primary objectives are to overcome poverty, to establish vocational training, to support health care and preserve God’s creation.

Modern Slavery 

Whenever we are confronted with the abysmal world of the extremely poor we find a group of people whose freedom is threatened most: children! Covertly they are trafficked and sold; conscripted as soldiers, trafficked to serve in the sex industry or toil as cheap labour in mines and factories. On behalf of children we intervene to spare as many as possible from this fate; to return them to freedom and lead them on a journey of healing and restoration.

Disaster Relief

The risk of children being trafficked is always higher after a natural disaster. When disasters occur in areas where ORA New Zealand has trusted key partners providing emergency disaster relief, we launch an appeal for prayer and finances to support our partners work. 

ORA New Zealand is a part of the wider ORA International family. We share common vision, mission and core values with ORA support offices in Austria, Switzerland, Canada and Portugal, and more than fourteen project countries.

You can download a copy of ORA New Zealand's 2013 Annual Report here.

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