Who we are

ORA New Zealand is a child focused development and relief organisation serving people in need and seeking justice for the vulnerable.

Our Vision

Every child should grow up in a protected environment and be led into a promising future through a loving upbringing and a good education.

Our Mission

To change the lives of children and their communities who are affected by poverty, disease and exploitation. Through the love and power of God, in cooperation with families and through sustainable projects, we aim to provide children with hope for the future.

Our Values

Who we are and what we are made of as an organisation. We strive to:

  • Hear God
    As Christians we are aware of our responsibility before God and mankind. We are prepared to let go of our own thoughts, ideas and solutions, so that we may hear God and then boldly make decisions.
  • Promote justice
    People do not deserve pity; rather justice. For this reason, we aim to free people from economic, social and religious oppression.
  • Encourage partnership
    We encourage mutual partnership, because we have a deep respect for the uniqueness of others. As we learn from one another we can continue to grow and effect change.
  • Be family
    As the ORA family, we enjoy transparent and authentic relationships. Relationships are more important to us than methods and strategies. The strength to meet our challenges exists in these healthy relationships.
  • Welcome innovation
    We welcome innovation because we want to be reformed on a continual basis. Creativity and new ideas form the bedrock of our continuous renewal and development.
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