We often have ORA supporters asking how they can raise awareness of the needs of children in ORA project countries and fundraise for ORA. Here are a few ideas that our ORA volunteers and some other supporters have come up with over the years…

Fundraise with food!

We all have a different style of hospitality...dinner party, afternoon tea, pot luck to name a few. Could you host a group of friends and family together, feed them, spread the word about ORA and fundraise at the same time? Some ideas:

  • Host a dinner party for 10 and have a $30 ‘through the door donation’ for ORA.
  • Have a pot-luck lunch or dinner and ask everyone to bring a plate and a donation of their choice.
  • Put on a morning tea for your friends and family, bake some scones and savouries and ask everyone to donate $10 to ORA.

Movie night

Did you know that your local movie theatre will hire out a theatre for a fundraiser? A movie fundraiser is a fun and innovative way to fundraise while treating your guests to a great movie! ORA supporters have held many successful Movie Nights in Hamilton and are planning another one soon.  If you would like tips on ‘how to’ organise a movie night for ORA in your city, please contact us.

Sausage sizzles

A traditional sausage sizzle is always a good fundraiser. Try one at your church or at the local shops.

Local fare

One ORA Uganda child is sponsored through the efforts of a group of women regularly selling produce and preserves at a local weekend market. Maybe this could be something you could gather a group to do?

Trade me auction

Do you have some treasures lying around your house that you can donate to ORA? Contact us - we can sell them on Trade Me.

Children helping children

Over the years we’ve had groups of Kiwi children who’ve taken the needs of children around the world to heart and decided to make a difference.

  • One children’s church organised a ‘Mini Market’. They made wire crosses, hanging lanterns, wheat bags, cookies and gift cards, plus sold lemon honey, lemons, sausage sizzle and coffee. The church community REALLY got behind their efforts and the children raised over $2000 NZD.¨This money has been put towards resourcing a Sunday school and a playground on the ORA Uganda base in Uganda.¨
  • Another group hand-made calendars for a few years and the proceeds sponsored two children.
  • A family baked biscuits and sold them to provide safe water for children in Uganda.

Become an ORA advocate in your church/community

Most churches have their own missions focus, and usually that focus is driven by the passions of individuals in the church. We have several churches that actively promote and raise funds for ORA projects on a regular basis; in each of these churches we have individuals who are passionate about what ORA does an organisation. We have speakers available who regularly visit ORA projects and can come to your church/group to share their experiences with the children whose lives are being changed.

If you are interested in planning an ORA fundraising event we would LOVE to hear from you! We are happy to support your efforts and can provide you with information, brochures, newsletters etc.

To get involved, please email or call 078432224
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