Child Sponsorship

We believe that sponsorship programmes are the most direct, transparent and personal way of providing assistance. We have children in Uganda and Myanmar who urgently need sponsors. The care children receive and the sponsor/child interaction offered by these two programmes differ due to the diverse challenges each project faces.


Sponsors of Ugandan children will have the opportunity to follow the lives of the children they sponsor, to write to them, and even visit them. Through sponsorship, a child’s basic needs of food, clothing, health and schooling (including vocational training) are met, providing hope for a more positive future. It is our aim that all of this takes place within a context familiar to the child – preferably within their own family, surroundings and culture.

For more information on sponsoring a child in Uganda, click here.


Children on our Myanmar sponsorship programme live in the Living Waters children’s home, mostly from illiterate and drug-addicted families and having been at risk of being trafficked or exploited. They receive a safe, loving home environment, education and health care. The home is based in a city centre which, though far from the children’s home villages, hosts both primary and secondary schools and medical treatment. The  children are happy. They look after each other and oh, how they love the home mama, Ruth. The daily routine is strict but playtime is long and full of laughter. Each Saturday they travel to the forest to collect firewood for cooking, bamboo shoots to eat, and frogs for dinner. Lining Water’s vision is to raise children who can effect change in a region in despair.

For more information on sponsoring a child in Myanmar, click here.
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