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10 Feb 2015

Any time is a great time to buy Homes of Life Gifts for your friends, family members and work mates… a card for them and a gift on their behalf for someone overseas

WHAT DOES HOME MEAN TO YOU? For many of us, home means love, acceptance, and security. However for millions of children around the world HOME as we know it has never been a reality. One of ORA New Zealand’s priorities is providing safe homes for children in Moldova, Uganda and Myanmar; loving homes bringing transformation to street children, child soldiers and children in need. The necessity of safe homes in these countries is urgent; without a home, children are vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking and violence.

One way you can support children in these homes is buying a HOMES OF LIFE GIFT - mosquito nets, toiletries, soccer balls, skipping ropes, food and more. You receive a card which represents an actual gift to be given to a child in a HOMES OF LIFE project. You can write in the card, give it to your friend, your family member, your work mate... telling them you have bought a gift on their behalf for someone overseas.


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