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05 Aug 2011

Meet Gertrude, in the green t-shirt.

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Gertrude, a bright eyed 13 year old, says ‘My hopes and dreams for the future are to be a teacher or a nurse, to help my people.’
After her father died Gertrude’s mother was so badly treated by his family that she took her children away and they now live with a maternal uncle. Gertrude’s mother developed cancer and the family sold most of their meagre belongings to pay for her treatment. She has survived, but they have all struggled. While her mother was sick, Gertrude stayed home from school to carry water and work in the fields growing food for the family. Now Gertrude’s mother struggles to raise her family by selling small fish in the local market. She is to be one of the first recipients of a microenterprise loan from ORA Uganda.
A survey of vulnerable families in the surrounding area has shown that most are headed by orphans, widows, widowers and HIV positive guardians.  Such families often face financial problems and the children do not perform well in school due to poor feeding and lack of scholastic materials.
With the desire to both support these vulnerable families and empower them to feel useful to society, ORA Uganda has started a microenterprise loan scheme. As the ORA Uganda team trains and mentors recipients of loans in small business principles they also weave dialogue about parenting and life skills into the conversation. We know that as the family situations change, as homes become healthy and protective, the children will do better, the children’s lives will change.
This is our dream for Gertrude and her family, so that she can fulfil her dream ‘to help her people’.

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