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11 Jan 2011

Meet Dora, Tisia and Maureen (left to right) - three of the gorgeous girls that live on the Luku Yesuni land…

5% of Uganda adults are HIV positive. Both of Tisia's parents died of HIV/AIDS, but luckily she’s HIV negative. After her parents died, Tisia lived with extended family however she was regular beaten so now she lives in the ORA Residential Care home where she is safe and cared for.

Tisia has seen lots of crazy things in her short life but you would never know it - this girl has the loveliest smile and the sweetest giggle! Tisia wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Dora and Maureen are sisters. Their father died of cancer and their mother Sally will not remarry as in this culture she would be expected to leave her children with their paternal grandparents. She loves them too much to abandon them. So she runs the new ORA coffee business and is also the house mother in the ORA residential care home.

Dora and Maureen are both happy girls - they are always helping out around the Luku Yesuni land, they love riding the bikes and going to school.

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