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05 Aug 2011

Playing with marbles…

This photo of kids at the ORA site, playing marbles, perfectly sums up the simplistic way in which kids in Uganda play. They are so easily satisfied and occupied by the simplest of pleasures. They do not need fancy plastic toys, or computer games, they are not constantly desiring the latest fancy gadget or toy as many western kids do.

Instead they use their imaginations and they play with old tires and sticks, they create things out of recycled rubbish, they draw in the dirt with their fingers and will kick an old, beaten, flat soccer ball around for hours without complaint.

We asked Kim Trenwith to tell us the story behind the marbles in this picture:

"When we first arrived at the ORA base i noticed the kids were playing marbles with little stones that they had polished and rounded so they roll, one day when Marian school sent us a package of things for the ORA kids from NZ, i noticed a big bag of marbles, so i shared these
out with some of the older kids that came to play at the ORA base. The kids were so excited, you would have thought id just given them a bag of gold. They treasured these marbles so much and were so stoked to have some real ones to play with. The NZ kid from Marian school who donated that bag of marbles would have no idea just how much pleasure it bought to some other kids, the same age as them, on the other side of the world.

It doesn't take much to change, inspire, influence or enrich the life of a child living in a third world country. Sometimes its beyound our belief as a westerner, as we cant imagine how something so small or such a small amount of money can make such a big difference. But it does. And i feel blessed to have witnessed this first hand on so many occasions. This is just one example."

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