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26 Jun 2011

Meet Mawua and Stella.

Mawua is one of our ORA sponsored children who lives in the residential care home on the ORA base. She changed her name last year - her given name, Asara, means ‘burden’ so she’s now called Mawua (meaning flower). Her friend Stella is not an ORA sponsored child but loves to spend time on the Luku Yesuni base.
Mawua turns thirteen years old this month and like lots of teenage girls around the world, she is interested in clothes and hairstyles, having fun with friends, taking a few risks here and there and pushing the boundaries! But Mawua has the added pressure of being a total orphan in a society overwhelmed by poverty. Her parents both died of HIV/AIDS and she has been heard to say ‘Here I am left behind by my irresponsible parents…’
Due to health problems and her difficult family situation two years ago Mawua was identified as being the most at risk child in the ORA Uganda sponsorship programme. She was the first child to move into the residential care home at the ORA Uganda base. Since then her health has improved, she is well fed, and she is loved and cared for. She also has an awesome foster mum who is guiding her through these challenging early teen years.
Without the medical care and love she has received as an ORA sponsored child, Mawua would most likely be dead by now. Giving children like Mawua  education, medical care and love  - giving her a hope for her future – this is the upshot of sponsoring a child.
If you are interested in sponsoring a gorgeous and smiling ORA child, please email
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