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07 Mar 2011

A little luxury we take for granted, brightly painted toenails!

In October 2010, we held an 'ORA Sponsored Child' day on the Luku Yesuni land. After lunch many of the older boys went down to the local soccer ground for a mini soccer tournament.  For the teenage girls and younger children we held an arts and crafts afternoon. Along with felts, crayons, glitter, stickers, feathers and glue there was also something very valuable to the older girls - nail polish! Something as simple as painting their nails brought so much joy and excitement.

It started off with Kim, Philippa and Catie setting up a mini nail salon (two wooden school benches!) and started painting nails. Before long the girls were grabbing the bright colours and painting each others nails and toes. Before long even the boys were lining up.

It was much later in the afternoon that Philippa spotted Bernard with his green toenails.

Next time you reach for your nail polish… take a moment to think of these children in Uganda; the way a simple thing can colour their world; how a small commitment from across the world can change their lives.


If you are interested in sponsoring an ORA child, please email

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