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30 Apr 2015

‘Genuine faith shelters the orphan’ Russell Moore
ORA has children in Uganda who urgently need sponsors.

Sponsors of Ugandan children have the opportunity to follow the lives of the children they sponsor, to write to them, and even visit them. Through sponsorship, you can provide hope for a more positive future by covering a child’s basic needs of health and education, including vocational or tertiary education. It is our aim that all of this takes place within a context familiar to the child, preferably within their own family, surroundings and culture, and that the whole family benefits from social worker input.

Deborah is three years old. Her mother died and she now lives with her elderly grandmother. Deborah loves to sing and is very playful. She’s not in preschool yet as her grandmother cannot afford the fees. We all know how early childhood education makes such a difference to a child’s future education. Would you be able to sponsor Deborah, giving her this opportunity?

Eight year old Liberty loves to sing and wants to be an electrician when he grows up. His father died and now Liberty’s mother has no income. She struggles to garden to feed the seven people living in the home.

Robert is a total orphan. He lives with his uncle who struggles to support 12 people in his home. Robert’s uncle cannot afford his own children’s education alongside that of the nieces and nephews he has taken into his home. Robert loves football (soccer) and wants to be a teacher or a doctor.

Aged nine, Topista dreams of being a nurse. Her father was a builder, since his death Topista’s mother farms to support her three daughters, Topista’s grandparents, and another child in the home. Topista lists her hobbies as fetching water, cleaning and washing. Life is hard in her home.

This is a small selection of the children currently in need of sponsors. Could you take an orphan into your home, to bring change and hope?

If you would like to sponsor one of these children or another child in Uganda for $45 per month please contact the ORA NZ office, telephone 07 843 2224 or email info@oranewzealand

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