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The ORA International Network represents six fundraising offices and more than 14 project countries. As a network we share common vision, mission, core values and policy, supporting each other with knowledge and resources.

Some of the ORA International Network projects include:


ORA has been working in Haiti since 1998 through the ORA Canada. ORA funding offices now partner with COFHED, an organisation who are dedicated to providing southern Haitian communities the tools they need to be successful. Through direct community engagement, COFHED helps local residents and leaders to actively participate in achieving sustainable change.

Immediately after the 2010 earthquake the local team was ready to help and distribute vital food to the victims; ready meals as well as rice and oil were given to the people in Jacmel and in the nearby mountain villages. A few weeks after the disaster an ORA shipment of medicine and medical products arrived in Jacmel. ORA also delivered a water treatment plant, which provides not only drinking water but also a disinfectant by-product for use in hospitals and mobile medical clinics.


Super Typhoon Haiyan swept through the Central Philippines on November 8, 2013, affecting 16 million people including some five million children. More than 4 million were displaced, and about 1.1 million houses were damaged.

ORA New Zealand supported our partners, Just Projects Philippine Foundation, as they contributed to the physical and psychosocial well-being of children and adult survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. Specifically, the project achieved the following:

  • Forged partnerships with local organisations to ensure sustainability of interventions;
  • Provided a safe venue for children (3-17 year old) to play and to creatively share their experiences in order to facilitate healing and recovery;
  • Provided life skills sessions for children (13-17 year old) for them to learn valuable life skills crucial to their recovery and survival;
  • Ensured that the needs of the elderly (senior citizens) are also attended through a special gathering;
  • Increased the level of awareness of service providers regarding child protection;
  • Established a Children and Family Support Group mechanism among the local community
Many of the project team were survivors themselves and thus had to undergo debriefing from the traumatic aftermath of the storm. The main motivation of the workers simply became a love for the children and a need to reach out to them at such a time as this. The love for the children turned into joy as the team worked to rehabilitate and return their lives to normalcy. Simply seeing smiles on the children’s faces brought a sense of fulfillment to the team every day as work was carried out.
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