Established in the early 1990s, ORA Moldova projects include child sponsorship, distribution of donated goods, small agricultural enterprises, partnering with orphanages and kindergartens and a TB Hospital for children, day care centres for children, sewing, carpentry, computer lessons and bakery projects for at risk children.
Around 12,000 children live in institutions in Moldova.  When they graduate they generally have no life skills; 80% of the boys end up in criminal activity, 90% of the girls in prostitution. But that’s not all… at least 5,000 young children disappeared from Moldova between 2004 and 2010. Some are sold by black market adoption rings; some are butchered for body parts for transplants or stem cells for cosmetic surgery.
How can we help? By educating the parents and youth in this country, by getting the message out to the Western World, by addressing the root cause of poverty in this region, and by providing alternative industries and employment.

Ungheni children

Running wild, unloved and unwanted, three teenage girls were rescued in a Moldavan village; one disease ravaged by syphilis, one hiding from an alcoholic stepfather who is trying to sell her to the sex trade, all of them riddled with lice and living on the street. So began ORA New Zealand's support of children's programmes in Ungheni on the Romanian border, providing safe, loving, nurturing environments for these girls and others like them so desperately need.

Agricultural Social Business

The ORA New Zealand is also partnering with an agricultural social business in another village in Moldova. Many homes in this village are now abandoned, children and the elderly are at risk, and families have no hope. ORA International is going into this community to help the people find their assets, strengths, skills and resources; to equip, inspire and empower them to help themselves.

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