Where ORA New Zealand Works

ORA New Zealand supports project partners in Uganda and Kenya in Africa, Moldova and Bulgaria in  Eastern  Europe, and Myanmar in South East Asia. Our New Zealand office supports each partner to reach their own community. We do so by providing training, resource, guidance, support and accountability.


With the support of New Zealand donors ORA Uganda partners with communities where poverty and HIV/AIDS have eroded hope and left a large number of orphans. We work alongside the ORA Uganda team to nurture and educate their orphans and vulnerable children, helping them to reach their God-given potential. Our vision is to equip, inspire and empower Ugandans to help other Ugandans; together working towards a sustainable future.

ORA Uganda runs a rural child sponsorship program which supports 140 children. Each child receives education, basic health care, counselling and extracurricular activities. The program has a strong emphasis on life skills to raise up strong members of the community. Most of the sponsored children live with extended family, only the most at-risk children live in the residential care homes.
ORA Uganda also runs a successful microfinance program, child focused agricultural projects, children’s resource library, and clean water projects in communities with no safe water supply. They work closely with local schools, vocational training institutes and community leaders.

Hope Foundation work closely with the local communities and are focused on rescuing, rehabilitating and repatriating children at risk of being trafficked while living on the streets of Uganda. ORA New Zealand is partnering with Hope Foundation as they provide on-street mentoring and run safe homes for those most at risk, giving them a home, education, health care, mentoring, and where possible repatriation and reconciliation with their extended families.

Chafisi works to educate and empower destitute children and their families in a village near the coast in Kenya. ORA New Zealand is focused on equipping Chafisi to be self-sustainable with projects including a market garden. 

Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe we are working in Moldova with an agricultural project, employing local villagers to grow grain crops. The project exists to combat chronic poverty caused by high rates of unemployment, alcoholism and population decline. We also support another partner working with teens at risk of being trafficked. 

LOGOS Bulgaria runs training schools and is raising awareness of the human trafficking. The team also provides practical support for refugees and orphans by helping them with their needs and integration into society. We support their human trafficking prevention education programme, talking to at risk women and children in orphanages and Roma communities. Prevention is a great tool for minimizing the number of the human trafficking victims from Bulgaria to Western Europe and beyond.

South East Asia

In Myanmar we are partnering with Living Waters, a children’s home in Myanmar’s Shan State which provides education and a safe, loving environment for children at risk of being trafficked or exploited. Living Waters focuses on children from illiterate and drug-addicted families.
The project also runs medical clinics and outreaches in regions with no health care.

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