ORA New Zealand is partnering with Living Waters a children’s home in Myanmar, where one couple look after 25 rescued children who were ear-marked to be trafficked. Their home is in the Golden Triangle region, currently considered the world’s largest producer of methamphetamine and second largest producer of illicit opium. An estimated 82% of households in this region are involved in the drug trade, leading to alarmingly high rates of addiction
and abuse. The oversupply of drugs brings increased poverty and unemployment and leads to such extreme financial desperation that parents resort to selling their own children. Boys are sold to militant groups and girls to brothels in China and Thailand..

Living Waters Child Sponsorship

ORA New Zealand is looking for sponsors for these children. Sponsorship will help LivingWaters to love, feed, shelter, clothe, educate, protect and reintegrate the rescued children.

For only NZ$30 a month you can part sponsor a child in the Living Waters home in Myanmar. For more information please email

Any donations towards Living Waters are very much appreciated.

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