ORA New Zealand is partnering with Project: AK-47 in their fight against one of the cruellest forms of modern day slavery; the exploitation of kids as soldiers. There are currently over 300,000 child soldiers worldwide.  Project: AK-47 works to get kids as young as six years old released from drug cartels and armies.

If you walked among the smiling and resilient people of Myanmar, it might be hard to imagine that the country has over 75,000 child soldiers - more than any other country in the world. Project: AK-47 has successfully negotiated the release of nearly 200 child soldiers and operates four children’s homes and three schools in this country.

Project: AK-47 Sponsorship

ORA New Zealand is looking for sponsors for these children – but sponsors who understand the logistical and security challenges of working in a war zone. Sponsors will receive periodic updates on the project their child is a part of, however we won’t be able to provide personal contact with the children as we can with children sponsored in a country such as Uganda.

Sponsorship will help communities to love, feed, shelter, clothe, educate, protect and reintegrate the rescued children. Unfortunately there’s always the risk that the children will be drafted back into the army; the aim of Project: AK-47 and ORA New Zealand is to let these children be kids, not killers, for as long as possible.

For only NZ$47 a month you can sponsor a Project: AK-47 child in Myanmar. Go to our Facebook page to see photos and profiles of children needing sponsorship. For more information on the Project: AK-47 or child sponsorship please email

Any donations towards the Project: AK-47are very much appreciated.

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