Our vision is to equip, inspire and empower Ugandans to help other Ugandans; together working towards a sustainable future.

This vision is based on our belief that by giving these communities a hand up, rather than a hand out, they will in the future no longer just seek outside aid, but will be able to look to their own resources to help the needy in their midst.

Rescuing and resettling street children

Although there are organisations working with street children in many of Uganda’s cities, there has been little help for the 150 street children in Arua. ORA New Zealand partners with Hope Foundation as they rescue children from the streets of Arua, Uganda.

About Hope Foundation

Hope Foundation runs safe homes where children who used to live on the street can have a happy, healthy childhood. These kids are given an education, medical care, clothes, love, mentoring; things that every child deserves. Hope Foundation safe homes contain tight-knit families; the children look out for each other and even refer to their foster parents as ‘Mum and Dad‘. These kids are excelling in school and have dreams to be doctors, teachers and politicians. We‘re raising the next generation‘s leaders, and they‘re doing us proud!

The long term vision of Hope Foundation is to equip the whole Arua community to provide support for their current street children and also to gather and protect new children as they arrive on the streets. All to see the street children of Arua safely reunited with extended family, in local foster homes, or in homes such as the current Street Children’s Home, to give them hope for their future.

Child Focused Rural Community Development

ORA New Zealand is currently partnering with ORA Uganda on a child-focused community development programme in West Nile, Uganda.

With the support of New Zealand and Austrian donors, ORA Uganda partners with local communities where poverty and HIV/AIDS have eroded hope and left a large number of orphans. We work alongside the ORA Uganda team in a child sponsorship program designed to nurture and educate their orphans and vulnerable children, helping them to reach their God-given potential.

About ORA Uganda

ORA Uganda is located on a 4.7 acre site in the Arua district of Uganda, in the north-west corner of the country that borders Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Upon ORA Uganda being granted NGO registration in 2007, the Uganda and New Zealand teams pursued the goal of purchasing land on which to establish an operating base for the care of vulnerable children in the sponsorship program.

There are currently 140 children in the sponsorship program, in nursery school, primary school, secondary school, vocational training and tertiary education. The majority of these children live with extended family in the community and are supported by the ORA Uganda team.   

The ORA Uganda base includes community training facilities, a children's resource centre (library), an office building, staff housing, guest houses and a plant nursery. Central to the ORA Uganda base is a residential care facility for the most at-risk children in the sponsorship program - vulnerable, sick or disabled children needing special short or long-term care.  

Since 2007 ORA Uganda has facilitated safe water projects in sixteen communities, bringing the gift of safe water to many 1000's of Ugandans. Firstly a bore at a local Secondary School, providing a source of clean water for the school and the surrounding villages and expanding opportunity for agricultural development. A second borehole was put down on the ORA Uganda base in 2009. Since 2011 ORA Uganda has worked alongside eleven rural communities to protect polluted ground-water sources, and repaired three exisiting boreholes.

The ORA Uganda team, partnering with short and long term volunteers from New Zealand and donors from the ORA Network have worked to help bring ORA Uganda projects to fruition. As the ORA Uganda team say of the children helped, “Life is worth living for them now. One can see a sign of hope.”


Go to our Facebook page to see photos and profiles of children needing sponsorship. For more information on ORA Uganda, Hope Foundation or child sponsorship please email Any donations towards ORA New Zealand's Ugandan partners, ORA Uganda and Hope Foundation are very much appreciated.
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